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About Us

Vapers of Vacaville, Welcome to ShopVaporium.com, the one true solution for all your vaping needs. Explore our specially curated selection of premium brands like ELF BAR, FLUM PEBBLE, and FLUM FLOAT, and immerse in a world of mouth-watering flavors! We are committed to ensuring the best vaping experiences, providing you with the best brands and top-rate products to satisfy your unique needs. Make your experience convenient with curbside pickup. Indulge in the most delectable vaping experiences today. Choose ShopVaporium.com.

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ShopVaporium.com was founded on the principle that vaping is a viable and successful harm-reduction alternative to smoking combustible cigarettes. We pride ourselves in our commitment to our customers through consumer education, high-quality curated products, and unmatched service. As vape enthusiasts, we embrace that adults over the age of 21 should have plenty of options when it comes to vaping. We know that offering a variety of flavors from trustworthy premium brands is important to our customer base. Our knowledgeable staff are always eager to educate our customers on finding the right product for their needs. Since 2014, we have helped thousands of customers quit combustible cigarettes for good. 

As part of our commitment to consumer education we are pleased to provide the following important information about vaping. 

According to a study published by Public Health England, vaping is at least 95% less harmful than cigarette tobacco. Vapor products may very well have a high potential of helping smokers effectively quit smoking. The research concluded that e-cigarettes are significantly less harmful to your health than the tobacco smoking alternative.

In September 2021, The Society for Nicotine and Tobacco published a landmark analytic essay in the American Journal of Public Health (AJPH) – authored by 15 past presidents of the international non-profit that provided a cost-benefit analysis of vaping in terms of public health. The conclusions were overwhelmingly supportive that for adult smokers, vaping is both a viable tool for smoking cessation and harm-reduction.

Make the switch to a less harmful alternative. Call us today and let us help find the right device and flavor for you.



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